Why Take Professional Development Courses?

Professional Development Improves your Abilities

Professional development is an important part of becoming an effective educator; it is a way for you to advance your teaching career while developing useful knowledge and practical teaching skills.

Our professional development opportunities consist of flexible, high-quality courses and workshops. Successful educators develop each course and workshop to ensure that they address relevant topics and pedagogical practices that are important to you and your students. 

Each course and workshop provides you with meaningful knowledge, usable skills, and recognized qualifications; these help new and experienced teachers to improve their professional abilities as well as provide an effective education for learners. 

Professional Development Benefits Everyone

Successful teaching does not happen at random. Professional development for teachers helps to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications to teach your students effectively. By taking a professional development course or workshop with Lakehead University, you are investing in yourself and your students.

Our professional development courses and workshops provide you with the following benefits:

  • A better understanding of the latest teaching theories, practices, and technologies
  • 21st century knowledge and methodology
  • The development of new teachable areas and grades
  • A broader and/or deeper understanding of a teachable area
  • Provides you with peer networks to share and develop new teaching ideas
  • Helps to create a culture of professionalism and lifelong learning
  • Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) Courses, Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses, and Honours Specialist Qualification (HSQ) Courses are university credit courses that count towards salary level calculations for QECO and OSSTF
  • Support career advancement