Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program (SOQP) Modules

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Module 1 - Personal Leadership Perspective

In this module, candidates further develop and apply their personal leadership resources within the context of system leadership. The focus is on understanding the interaction of the personal and professional ethical self and the need for ongoing reflection and learning. The focus includes building candidate capacity to establish and sustain a broadly shared mission, vision and goals. Note: Module 1 has a required online synchronous component that is to be completed during the first two days of the course. 

Module 2 – Leadership and Organizational Change Perspective

In this module, candidates integrate theory and practice as it relates to creating system coherence, leading the instructional program, building staff capacity for evidence informed decision-making, providing job-embedded professional learning and nurturing productive working relationships with staff and stakeholders. The focus is on understanding leadership and management from a system perspective.

Module 3 - Provincial Leadership Perspective

In this module, candidates expand their knowledge of legislation, policies and structures that provide the framework for ethical and legal decision-making in education in Ontario. The focus is on applying this knowledge to complex issues that arise given the complexity and diversity of Ontario society.

Module 4 - System Leadership Perspective

In this module, candidates acquire and consolidate knowledge of policy governance,
systems thinking and provincial and district vision as the foundation for building relationships and developing human resource capacity for realizing system goals. The focus is on understanding the supervisory officer’s role in the design and implementation of the strategic plan and organizational culture.

The Leadership Practicum

SOQP candidates will identify, in consultation with their SOQP provider and mentor, a qualified, experienced supervisory officer from a district school board or similar educational environment, a specific leadership initiative related to the role of supervisory officer. The leadership practicum experience will involve collaboration with appropriate school board staff, school council or community representatives and employee organizations. The focus of the Leadership Practicum aligns with the SOQP course guideline. Provincial leadership initiatives, research and advancements in the field will inform the leadership practicum.

The Leadership Practicum may place the candidate in the role of supervisory officer acting as a member of a district school board administrative team or other similar educational leadership group. The candidate will assume responsibility for the Leadership Practicum; regular feedback from the SOQP instructor and mentor will be an integral component. The Leadership Practicum can only begin after it is approved by the provider.

The duration of the Leadership Practicum will be a minimum of 50 hours. Candidates must complete all four modules and the Leadership Practicum within five years of beginning the SOQP (Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation S. 55(1), 7).