SOQP Practicum Information

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Prior to beginning their practicum, candidates must submit their practicum proposal form. This must be approved by the practicum evaluator/supervisor before the candidate begins work on their practicum. SOQP candidates will identify, in consultation with their SOQP provider and mentor, a qualified, experienced supervisory officer from a district school board or similar educational environment, a specific leadership initiative related to the role of supervisory officer. The leadership practicum experience will involve collaboration with appropriate school board staff, school council or community representatives and employee organizations. The focus of the Leadership Practicum aligns with the SOQP course guideline. Provincial leadership initiatives, research and advancements in the field will inform the leadership practicum.

The Leadership Practicum may place the candidate in the role of supervisory officer acting as a member of a district school board administrative team or other similar educational leadership group. The candidate will assume responsibility for the Leadership Practicum; regular feedback from the SOQP instructor and mentor will be an integral component. The Leadership Practicum can only begin after it is approved by the provider.

Timeframe and Fees

The Leadership Practicum is an integral component of the SOQP Program which provides an opportunity for candidates to put what they have learned in the 4 modules into action.  

Please note the following:

  • Candidates are to have a minimum of two SOQP Modules completed prior to commencing their Leadership Practicum.

  • Candidates must complete all four modules and the Leadership Practicum within five years of beginning the SOQP (Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation S. 55(1), 7). 

  • The duration of the Leadership Practicum will be a minimum of 50 hours. 

  • Candidates are to register for the Leadership Practicum module and remit the course fee of $750, prior to submitting their package for assessment.


Please contact us via email at to obtain practicum forms regarding approval and submission.