Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses

New Courses

Addressing Anti-Black Racism, Specialist: Lakehead University is proud to be the very first provider of all three courses in this important new series of additional qualification courses. Please see our course database to register for the next offering.

Senior Family Studies ABQ: We are excited to offer this new additional basic qualification course for the Senior division. 


Additional Qualification (AQ) courses allow certified teachers to expand their knowledge and skills in qualified divisions and subjects or to develop new knowledge in a specific area. Our AQ courses provide you with different qualification options depending on your teaching experience and past professional development. Our AQ courses can lead to the following qualifications:

  • Single Session Qualification
  • Part 1 Qualification
  • Part 2 Qualification
  • Specialist Qualification

Our Single Session AQ courses help you to deepen your knowledge and skills in the design and delivery of a specific subject as well as prepare you for specific roles in your profession or institution.

Part 1, Part 2, and Specialist courses build your knowledge and skills gradually. These courses lead to an in-depth understanding of a certain subject or division. The following describes Part 1, Part 2, and Specialist AQ courses:

  • Part 1 courses develop the skills and knowledge that teachers need to design, deliver, and asses a program in a particular subject or division
  • Part 2 courses expand the skills and knowledge that you develop in Part 1
  • Specialist courses extend and reinforce the knowledge and skills from Part 1 and Part 2 with a specific focus on developing leadership skills in the subject or division

Note: The pass mark for all AQ courses is 70%. For information that applies to all additional qualification courses, please see our Information and Regulations for AQ, ABQ, and HSQ Courses page.

AQ Course Prerequisites

Lakehead University’s Calendar outlines the general admission requirements for all Lakehead University courses, programs, and workshops. These prerequisites include the following:

  • A general Certificate of Qualification and registration in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers; and
  • A recognized post-secondary degree or equivalent

In addition to Lakehead University’s general admission requirements, all prospective AQ students must meet the following requirements:

  • Part I requires a general Certificate of Qualification and registration (with certain exceptions)
  • Part II requires successful completion of Part I and one (1) school year worth of successful teaching experience verified by the signature of the appropriate supervisory officer
  • Specialist requires successful completion of Part II and two (2) years of successful teaching experience, with one (1) of the school years teaching the subject, verified by the signature of the appropriate supervisory officer

Note: Students applying for EDUC 4621: French as a Second Language Part I must also pass a qualifying language proficiency test or provide acceptable evidence of fluency in French (EDUC 4621). Students will be notified if they are successful on this assessment prior to entry into the course. Completed tests will not be returned to students; however, students can request feedback if they are not successful. For more information, please see our French Language Proficiency Test Information/Application Package.

For more information about these tests, please view the following videos: