Honours Specialist Qualification (HSQ) Courses


Our Honours Specialist Qualifications (HSQ) courses help experienced teachers to develop the knowledge and skills associated with curriculum leadership.

Prospective students must have an interest in providing leadership at the elementary, secondary, and district levels. You must also have a strong knowledge in a specific subject area(s) and should be engaged in subject-specific professional development.

Note: The pass mark for all HSQ courses is 70%. For information that applies to all additional qualification courses, please see our Information and Regulations for AQ, ABQ, and HSQ Courses page.

HSQ Prerequisites

Lakehead University’s Calendar outlines the general admission requirements for all Lakehead University courses, programs, and workshops. These prerequisites include the following:

  • A general Certificate of Qualification and registration in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers; and
  • A recognized postsecondary degree or equivalent

In addition to Lakehead University’s general admission requirements, all prospective HSQ students must meet the following requirements:

  • 20 full course equivalents - 9 of which must be in the major area with a B average
  • At least two (2) school years of successful classroom teaching experience, at least one year teaching the subject
  • Signature of supervisory officer verifying the required teaching experience