Assessing Student Learning

If there is merit to supporting the diversity in the learners who come to our classrooms, by selecting inputs like video or audio, creating spaces where learners can do group work, and allow them to experiment… how do we know if it was successful?

We express what is to be learned in observable terms/actions (by writing good course level outcomes) so that we can then assess the ‘recognized external change in behavior’ (the degree to which a learner has met the outcomes stated). We must set our intention, develop activity that supports the change we want to occur, and then conduct assessments to identify the degree to which a learner has reached (or exceeded!) the change.

This page provides an overview of why we may add in assessment ‘checkpoints’, the formative, interim, and summative methods to assess, and in practice examples of on campus and online methods. Please reach out to the Teaching Commons for further support at any time to discuss your teaching and learning needs one-on-one with an Instructional Developer or Instructional Designer. You can find their contact information on our Contact Us page.