Name: Camillo Lento

The lesson: Many times, accounting students are required to analyze a situation in a case setting by applying relevant case facts to the appropriate technical knowledge.  The problem is that the students must be able to first identify the problem, and then determine the appropriate technical knowledge to deal with the issue.  The technical knowledge is summarized in the rather dense and wordy financial reporting "generally accepted accounting principles" (GAAP).

This lesson provides students with very unstructured issues that do not have specific standards, and accompanying media helps them navigate through the GAAP to determine the best standards to deal with the novel issues. 

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Name: Jennifer Jarman

The lesson: Create a short ‘Welcome’ video for a 'Law and Society' course to address the challenging problem of creating an instructor presence to lead students through content  of a web asynchronous course.  The video relies on cartooning and an audio narrative to flesh out the main ideas. The instructor presence here is created through the hands in the video and invocation of the student’s auditory senses. 

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Name: Stefan Phillips

The lesson: Developed within the program is a workshop on editing your Zoom lecture recordings.

The workshop consists of a series of videos to show how to edit past Zoom/Teams recordings, into smaller modules and teaching aids! It’s called “Editing Your Classes” and makes use of the free and open-sourced video editing program OpenEdit.

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1 - Downloading the Program

2 - The Three Panels

3 - Importing Files

4 - Editing Clips

5 – Adding Transitions

6 – Editing Clips 

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Name: Amanda Diochan

The lesson:

My lesson supports students in my Environmental Geology course (GEOL 3311/ENST 3312). I started by sharing a graphical overview of my course and the topics that we will cover. The course focuses on the relationship we have with the geologic environment: how it impacts us and how impact it. My goal is for students to be able to synthesize this knowledge and propose solutions that they can put into action!
In the first week students will be introduced to visual notetaking and the tools that they can use to visually represent and synthesize what they are learning. My goal is to build engagement during the presentations (by modelling first) and for the students to learn a new, and valuable, skill (that will improve over time).

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A course flow graphic:

A sketch e-post assignment overview graphic:


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