Orillia Peer Mentorship Program

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Mentorship Program Applications for Fall 2022 are now open!

Orillia Student Affairs is excited to bring back our Peer Mentorship Program! This program offers one-on-one support to incoming Lakehead Orillia students during the first six weeks of their first term at Lakehead. It also gives upper-year students a chance to take on a leadership role in their community.

Mentor Applications Due: July 17, 2022

Mentee Applications Due: September 5, 2022

Are you an upper-year Lakehead Orillia student looking to gain leadership experience and Co-Curricular Record credit, and make a difference for incoming Lakehead students? This Mentorship Program is perfect for you!

Is it your first year at Lakehead Orillia? Are you interested in being paired with an upper-year Lakehead Orillia student who can answer any questions you might have through the first six weeks of your first term?

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Become a Mentor - Upper-Year Students (click to expand)

Become a Mentor

Mentor applications for Fall 2022 are due July 17, 2022.

Mentors are upper-year Lakehead students who thrive in leadership positions and are looking for a way to expand their skill set. They take initiative and are positive role models both within academics and beyond.

Mentors are provided with a manual of resources and supports, as well as training tailored to their role. They initiate contact with their mentee(s) and keep an open line of communication to effectively listen to and respond to mentee(s) questions through the first six weeks of the term.

Mentors are also able to add this position to their co-curricular record!


Get a Mentor - Incoming Students (click to expand)

Become a Mentee

Mentee applications for Fall 2022 are due September 5, 2022.

Mentees are students who are new to Lakehead and are looking for some extra support through their transition to campus. Mentees are students looking to get the most out of their Lakehead experience. At the end of the program, mentees will:

  • Feel safe and supported through their transition to university.

  • Be knowledgeable of where to go to access supports and services offered by the university.

  • Feel involved and a part of the Lakehead Orillia community!

Each week of the program is focused around a different topic, giving mentees opportunities to reflect on strategies to be successful in their goals. Some of the weekly topics covered this year include establishing balance between academics and personal life, adapting to university academic expectations, and the eight areas of wellness.


Program Contact Information

Email: studentaffairs.orillia@lakeheadu.ca