All new students must apply for a student card online. Due to COVID-19, students residing outside of Thunder Bay may not receive their cards until they begin classes on-campus. A student card application is still required to ensure complete and accurate information in the school directory.

At this time, we are only able to accept online applications under the following conditions:

  • You have followed all application instructions accurately.
  • You are a new Lakehead student beginning classes in the Summer or Fall 2020 semester.
  • You have registered for classes at least 24 hours before submitting this application.

NOTE: If you are requesting a faculty/staff card or staff badge or are requesting a replacement card, please email us at researchhelp@lakeheadu.ca.


All you need to do is read and follow all instructions, then login to the form located at the bottom of this page. If you are located in Thunder Bay and able to pick up your card, you will be contacted with instructions for pickup.


For advanced Card production we need you to submit a photo of yourself to us. Please ensure that your photo meets ALL of the following specifications:

  • You must provide a passport style photo (smiling allowed).
  • Your photo must reflect your current appearance.
  • Your face must be fully and clearly visible (no sunglasses or hats).
  • Your photo must be centered and taken straight on, with face and shoulders centred and squared to the camera.
  • Your photo must have uniform lighting and not show shadows, glare or flash reflections.
  • Your photo must be clear, sharp and in focus.
  • Your photo must be in colour with a uniform white background.
  • Your photo must not be digitally altered (cropping and resizing is acceptable).
  • Your photo must be in JPEG format with a minimum image size of 300 pixels high x 240 pixels wide.
  • Your image file must be no larger than 2MB.

Pictures of acceptable and unacceptable photo submisisons. Unacceptable due to blur, darkness, non-white background, zoom and obstructed face

We will ask you to resubmit an application or insist you get your card produced in person if your photo does not meet all of these requirements. If we need to produce another card for you at the time of pick-up (e.g. your picture did not reflect your current appearance) we may charge you a $15.00 replacement fee.

If you have any questions about these requirements please feel free to email photoid@lakeheadu.ca.


Thank you for reading and understanding all of the above requirements. Please login to myInfo to begin.