Graduate Studies Council: Terms of Reference

Approved: October 28, 2005
Revised: December 4, 2009

  • To promote graduate education
  • To review all proposed new graduate programs and make recommendations to Senate
  • To make recommendations to the University on policies affecting graduate education including, but not limited to, tuition fee policy, credit for graduate thesis/project supervision and courses, admissions policy and procedures
  • To prepare responses to University, provincial, national and international policies that impact on graduate level education
  • To carry out Senate-approved graduate program policies that include but are not limited to: approval of external examiners for theses, time extensions, & leave of absences
  • To review all proposed graduate program calendar changes and make recommendations to Senate

The Council will meet on a monthly basis from September to May (normally excluding December).

The Council will report to Senate according to Senate procedures on all matters concerning the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The standing committees of the Council will be as follows:

The Council may establish such Standing Committees or ad-hoc committees as it considers necessary. The Council may delegate authority to its committees, but such committees will be responsible to the Council.

The by-laws and regulations for conduct of the proceedings of Council, the Standing Committees and all other ad-hoc committees within the Faculty, will be those adopted by Senate.