Governance of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Range of Responsibilities

  • Program Planning: Work, in cooperation with the V.P. Academic, V.P. Research and Senate Academic Committee, to develop a Strategic Plan for Graduate Programming 2005-2010 (including an accountability plan)
  • Program Development: Collaborate with academic units to develop new programs and to assist in the preparation of briefs for the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies (OCGS) appraisal of new programs
  • Program Evaluation: Oversee the preparation and submission of briefs for OCGS reviews of existing programs
  • Program Coordination: Assist academic units with various aspects of the delivery of graduate programs including the appointment of supervisory and examination committees
  • Student Exit Evaluations: Administer and implement the Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey, an evaluative exit survey recommended in the Rae Review
  • Examinations: Oversee the examination process for theses, portfolios and dissertations and establish regulations for comprehensives
  • Regulations: Approve, revise and develop regulations regarding all graduate programs. Promotion and Advertisement - Raise the profile of Graduate Studies at Lakehead in local, provincial, national and international venues
  • Recruitment: Promote Lakehead University as a desirable institution for graduate studies
  • Admissions: Process applications, verify information, ensure compliance with regulations
  • Registration: Monitor graduate registration, approve and process course changes, withdrawals from, terminations of, leaves of absence from, and extensions to programs
  • Student Financial Assistance: Administer all forms of financial assistance provided to graduate students and secure additional funding whenever possible
  • Program Tracking: Monitor students' academic progress
  • IP Policy: Work in cooperation with the University Technology Transfer Office to monitor the implementation of the University Intellectual Property Policy (IPP)
  • Linkages with External Agencies: Maintain ties with organizations outside the University (granting councils, Ontario Council of Graduate Studies; Canadian Association of Graduate Studies; American Council on Graduate Schools, etc.)
  • Linkages with Internal Units: Maintain ties within the University (the Registrar's Office, Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Aboriginal Initiatives, Graduate Student Association/LUSU, Student Affairs, etc.)