Nanabijou Childcare Centre

Welcome Families!

We are pleased to welcome you to Nanabijou Childcare Centre. 

Inspired by two Lakehead University students and the continuous support of Lakehead University administration, Nanabijou Child Care Centre opened in January 1988. Over time we have expanded our service, however it has always been our mission to provide inclusive, affordable, licensed quality child care. Nanabijou Childcare Centre is located on Lakehead University Campus. We currently provide care for 108 children ranging from infancy to school age.

We value the individuality of each child and family, and adapt to meet your needs. As a collaborative team, we ensure that every child is safe, has nutritious food, and plays in a healthy and sustainable environment that encourages exploration and enquiry. Daily, we provide all children opportunities to learn, discover, and grow within our dynamic indoor and outdoor play spaces.

Relationships and communication between and among children, families, educators and the environment are based on respect and acceptance. Our Registered Early Childhood Educators practice daily observation, professional reflection, life-long learning and are driven to provide quality child care.

As Early Childhood Educators, the teaching staff have researched child development and continue on-going professional development as a commitment to Ministry of Education’s standards and annual evaluation.

We strive to provide a joy-filled, imaginative and creative experience for you and hope Nanabijou Child Care Centre will quickly become an extension of your family and home.