Jaro F. Kotalik

Jaro F. Kotalik, MD, MA (Kings College University of London in Medical Ethics and Law), FRCPC, physician-bioethicist and the founding Director of CHCE is Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy, Lakehead University and Professor in the Division of Clinical Sciences of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He is a co-chair of the Ethics Team of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and a member of the Research Ethics Board of St. Joseph's Care Group. In the past, he served as a Radiation Oncologist and CEO of Thunder Bay Regional Cancer Centre and as a Vice President of Cancer Care Ontario.  He was a member of the Biomedical Ethics Committee of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and of the executive of the National Council for Ethics in Human Research.  He served as a bioethics consultant to Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, Swiss National Bioethics Commission and to a number of health care organizations in Canada and US.   He taught bioethics at undergraduate level, organized and provided continuing professional education and supervised students in Master of Public Health Program. Presently, he is a board member of Centre for Regenerative Medicine and Consortium Aurora Borealis in Thunder Bay and member of Ethics Advisory Committee of Ontario Health Study.  He published papers and book chapters, and gave workshops on ethics of patient-caregiver relationship, end of life care, ethics of Aboriginal health care, ethics of human research and ethics of pandemic planning and response.  Currently, his primary interests are in the ethics of public health and public policy.