A Welcome Message from the Director

Hello! Interested in ethics? You have come to the right place. For over two decades, Lakehead University’s Centre for Health Care Ethics (CHCE) has been committed to collaboration with healthcare organizations, academic institutions, interdisciplinary professionals, students, and members of the public.  Together we are striving to improve the ethical quality of health care through research and education.

We are committed to developing a vibrant research culture, with particular interest in health care ethics from Indigenous perspectives. Please connect with us should you have similar research interests as we offer both mentorship as well as interprofessional expertise.

We offer integrated clinical and organizational ethics services through our shared bioethicists program. This work helps to build capacity for organizational ethics champions and ethics leadership in health care teams, which is especially valuable for securing and maintaining accreditation.  

Also, our monthly “Encounters in Bioethics” sessions bring together guest speakers and diverse panel members to tackle tricky and timely ethical issues in front of a live audience.  Your ideas about everyday ethical issues are welcomed as potential topics for future sessions. We stream and record our sessions, so please see our archived presentations if you are not able to attend but wish to learn more.

One of my favourite definitions of ethics… “ethics is about how we behave when we decide that we belong together.” Please explore this website to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how you can be part of it. We encourage you to join us with an organizational or an individual membership. Together we can and will continue to make a difference!

Kind regards,

Dr. Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Director, Centre for Health Care Ethics