Encounters in Bioethics Program

Encounters in Bioethics is an essential part of The Centre for Health Care Ethics’ research, mentoring and educational mandate. Eight times a year Encounters in Bioethics presents discussions and dialogues on ethical issues in healthcare. The sessions are available, on-site and via video conference to all organizations connected to the Ontario Telemedicine Network. The format of the sessions consists of a principal speaker, drawn from both nationally and internationally recognized scholars as well as celebrated local and regional practitioners, who present current moral issues in bioethics to a panel of local frontline health care professionals and ethicists before our on-site and videoconference audiences. Once the panel has had an opportunity to discuss the issues the entire audience is encouraged to join the discussion. The Encounters in Bioethics discussions focus on such issues as: end of life decisions, ethics of research with human subjects, aboriginal health ethics, cross-cultural values, religious and cultural interpretation, allocation of scarce resources, and professional codes of ethics.