Speaker Series

One of the goals of CESME is to bring in visiting speakers to encourage debate and foster innovation. Where possible we will provide PDF versions of those presentations and videos of the talks themselves.

Dr. Wyatt Bain (April 15, 2021)A fundamental role of carbonate-sulfate melts in the formation of iron oxide-apatite (IOA) deposits
Dr. Rachel Jekanowski (April 14, 2021)Visual Culture and the Mining Industry: Popular Earth Science, Extraction, and SustainabilityHere 
Dr. Matt Brzozowski (April 12, 2021)Applications of mineral chemistry to petrogenesis and exploration in conduit type Cu-PGE deposits (Co-hosted with CIM Thunder Bay Branch)Here Here
Dr. Sara Seck (February 8, 2017) A Gender Perspective on Business, Human Rights, and Sustainable MiningHere 
Dr. Karl Skogstad (December 19, 2016)An economic analysis of gold mines in OntarioHere 
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (October 27, 2016)Free, Prior and Informed Consent: A Local and Global IssueHere 
Dr. Dawn Mills (Sept 15, 2016)Indian Mining Regulations: A Study to Advance Mining on First Nation Title LandsHere 
Dr. Terry Mitchell (Feb 24, 2016)Self-determined development: Indigenous Rights and Resource Extraction in the Global EconomyHere  Here
Dr. Thomas Morris (Feb 10, 2016)Northern Superior Resources TPK Project: Evidence suggesting a New Gold Camp for Ontario (Co-hosted with CIM Thunder Bay Branch)Here 
Dr. Thomas Morris (Feb 10, 2016)Northern Superior Resources Litigation vs. the Ontario Government: Are we really “Open for Business” in the Mineral Sector?Here Here
Dr. Rachel Ariss & John Cutfeet (Nov 13, 2015)Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug: The Right to Self Determination, Mining and  Canadian Law   
Dr. Dawn Mills (March 23, 2015)Engagement: Crown, Community and CompanyHere