Training & Psychological Services

Training Services:

We offer integrated training and consulting services. We develop training programs, based on our latest research evidence, to assist our stakeholder community (business, employer, healthcare provider, disability manager, etc.) with injury and disability prevention.

Contact us if you have a particular need. We can also provide related consulting services to workplaces. If you would like to better understand your workforce (i.e., culture, climate, stigma, other workplace environment factors etc.), please contact us as we specialize in primary data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Psychological Services:

Deborah Scharf, PhD C.Psych (Supervised Practice) provides psychological services through WSIB under the supervision of Mandy McMahan, PhD C.Psych.

As of June 1, her office will be located at 1182 Roland St., Suite #450.

For research inquiries:, 807-343-8773

For clinical inquiries:, 807-707-2895