Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation


Historically, much research evidence would sit on a shelf in a library and not be followed through to action. This area of research focuses on the use of interactive approaches to create/co-create knowledge to increase its relevance and uptake into practice and policy. In addition, it seeks to build the body of evidence by also studying the knowledge-to-action processes and outcomes to identify promising practices in the implementation and ongoing use of research knowledge.

The Institute is working to build capacity in this area. The RE-AIM (Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance) approach will be used to ensure that all current projects have a strong KMI component; opportunities for KMI evaluation among existing projects will also be explored. We also aim to create educational opportunities for both researchers and community members to build capacity related to KMI.  Working with our many and varied partners and stakeholders, we will identify preferred knowledge products and tools to mobilize and implement important research findings to improve the health and safety of workers in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.

Dr. Lynn Martin is the lead for the KMI research area.

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KMI Infographic