About Us

Our mandate is to bring people together to reduce impacts of work-related injury and work disability through collaborative applied research and provision of education to enhance knowledge related to injury and disability. Information generated from our research will inform practice and policies aiming to improve health and social outcomes in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.


  • Conduct high-quality, transdisciplinary research in the areas of work-related injury and disability prevention, with a focus on issues relevant to Northwestern Ontario;
  • Participate in integrated knowledge exchange with community stakeholders and the greater research community participating at all phases of the research process;
  • Provide an exemplary training and experience opportunity for the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers in Northwestern Ontario and beyond; and
  • Enable community stakeholders to easily and centrally access Lakehead's research expertise and knowledge in the areas of work-related injury and disability prevention through the provision of research and education services.


  • Support the development and increase the volume of quality of collaborative grant applications submitted to tri-council funding agencies and other granting bodies;
  • Increase the involvement of early career faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, and community partners in research;
  • Increase the number of research projects related to work-related injury and disability prevention in Northwestern Ontario;
  • Increase the output and dissemination of research knowledge produced by members of the Research Institute; and
  • Provide training and research services to community stakeholders.