EPID@Work Launches Groundbreaking New Study on Workplace Mental Health

Calling all workers and workplaces in Northwestern Ontario!

EPID@Work (Enhancing the Prevention of Injury and Disability at Work) Research Institute is launching the largest cohort study ever conducted in Northwestern Ontario, which will examine workplace factors for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


What is a cohort study? A cohort study is an observational, long-term study that follows a group of people over time. Anyone who completes the study will be contacted again in six months for a follow-up survey, and every six months after that as long as the study continues. The longer the study runs, the better researchers can collect and examine the data – potentially leading to groundbreaking conclusions and interventions for mental health in our workplaces.

Who can participate? All workers and all employers in Northwestern Ontario are encouraged to participate. 

All surveys will remain completely confidential.

Ultimately, the NOWWHS cohort study could have a big impact on the mental health and wellness of workplaces and workers in our region. With a large sample size and a long-term goal, EPID is hopeful that this study will become a powerful tool for change.

Getting involved in EPID’s cohort study is easy. Just visit www.workinghealth.ca to learn more, sign up your workplace or volunteer as an individual.

 A recruitment poster for the NOWWHS