Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

This research area specifically addresses areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. All workers should have equal opportunity to participate in the labour market without experiencing excess risk to harmful exposures leading to adverse health events, including injury, disability, or death. In Northwestern Ontario, these populations include Indigenous peoples, immigrants, injured worker or workers with disabilities, and young and older workers.

Major areas of interest include understanding labour force participation, work productivity, and disability from the Indigenous perspective. Indigenous workers’ perceptions of work, work productivity, and disability may not align with the colonial definitions of these terms. We are trying to better understand these issues from an Indigenous/post-colonial perspective. Our partnership with the Nokiiwin Tribal council has resulted in a number of research projects aiming to understand the experiences of Indigenous peoples in Northwestern Ontario workplaces.

With substantial experience working with populations of special interest, Dr. Kathy Sanderson is the theme leader for this area of research.