Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Conference Proceedings

Mental Health and Substance Use
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Maternal, Child, and Family Health
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Youth Wellness and Resilience
  • Boydell, K., Gladstone, B., Stasiulis, E., Cheng, C., & Nadin, S. (2017). Co-producing narratives on access to care in rural communities: Using digital storytelling to foster social inclusion of young people experiencing psychosis. Studies in Social Justice (Visual Methods Special Issue), 11(2), 298-304. link
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The Rural and Northern Healthcare Workforce
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Community Health and Well-Being 
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Brain Health
  • Hill, M.E., Bodnar, P., Fenton, R., Mason, B., & Bandoh, G. (2017). Teach our children: Learning how to do stroke education with Indigenous children. Centres for Disease Control: Preventing Chronic Disease Journal, 14(E68), 1-8. link
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End-of-Life Care
  • Nadin, S., Crow, M., Prince, H. & Kelley, M.L. (2018). Wiisokaatiwin: Development and evaluation of a community-based palliative care program in Naotkamegwanning First Nation. Rural & Remote Health, 18(2), 4317. link
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