Meal Plans


Residence Halls Student Meal Plan 

A comprehensive, mandatory meal plan is included for students with accommodation in the Residence Halls.

  • All Access Dining** in the Residence Dining Hall + $800.00 declining balance
  • Students are allowed unlimited entry into the Residence Dining Hall during regular hours of operation
  • Declining balance dollars can be used anywhere on campus where food service is operated by Aramark.

**Note:  With the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, the specific food service model and service outlets will depend on current health unit guidelines and the number of students, faculty and staff on campus.  The Food Services mandate is to continue to ensure that fresh food will be provided on campus with a variety of options that can meet many dietary needs.  Provincial Guidelines will dictate the style of service available: Dine In, Take Out, or Delivery.

What is declining balance?

Declining balance works similar to money on a debit card, and is stored with a student's meal plan information on their Lakehead University Student ID Card.  Every time a purchase is made using Declining Balance, the total cost is subtracted from the dollar balance on the person's student card.

Please note: 

There are no refunds on unused meals and/or declining balance amounts nor do they carry over to the next academic year.

I Am In  An Apartment or Townhouse, Can I Still Purchase a Meal Plan?  

As the apartment and townhouse units have full kitchens, meal plans are not mandatory. However, students not wishing to prepare all of their own meals can purchase one of the many optional meal plans that fits their needs.

See for voluntary meal plans.

You can even add any amount of Declining Balance dollars to your student card to use on campus and not have to worry about carrying cash.  DB Dollars can be used at any Aramark-Operated Food Services outlet.

Please note: there are no refunds on unused meals and/or declining balance amounts nor do they carry over to the next academic year.

For more information please contact the Aramark Office. (807) 343-8142

Where Can I Use My Declining Balance (DB) Dollars? 
We have various Food Service Outlets available on campus for you to enjoy - either by standard forms of payment or by using DB dollars on your student or staff card. 
Declining Balance dollars can be used at:
  • Starbucks
  • Main Cafeteria**
  • Subway**
  • Dan's Diner**
  • Pizza Pizza**
  • Persian Man/ATAC**
  • Library Cafe**
  • Catertrax:  Grocery Program
  • Catertrax:  Meals2Go
**Note:  With the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, the specific food service model and service outlets will depend on current health unit guidelines and the number of students, faculty and staff on campus.  The Food Services mandate is to ensure that fresh food will be provided on campus with a variety of options that can meet many dietary needs.  Provincial Guidelines will dictate the style of service available:  Dine In, Take Out, or Delivery.

Click the links here for current options and hours of operation: 

Click here for dining locations on campus

Don’t worry if you get too busy to cook or head to the grocery store! Check out Catertrax for ready-made meals for pick up and order your groceries for pick up or delivery. These services are available to anyone on & off campus!

Meals 2 Go

Grocery Program

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What About My Dietary Restrictions and Preferences? 

There are a range of allergies that our Food Service Partner is experienced in navigating. These range from serious allergies to less common highly specialized food sensitivities. Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves when their needs are in question. 

Please note that even though our Food Service Provider makes every attempt to mitigate the most common food allergies, we cannot guarantee our facilities are free from specific allergens of concerns. Please contact the Food Services Office to discuss your particular needs. 

Don’t worry, there’ll be more than just a hunk of tofu waiting for you. Our kitchen is experienced in preparing a wide variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian meals. 

Dietary Restrictions 
Students who require specific diets due to medical conditions such as Celiac Disease, Diabetes and other intolerances are encouraged to advocate for themselves and maintain a free-flow of communication with our Food Services Partner - Aramark - and our Food Services Office.  

Religious and/or Cultural Food Requirements
Students who require food that adheres with specific religious or cultural requirements are encouraged to reach out to our food services team, please contact us (see below).  



Residence Dining Hall Hours of Operation

Open 7 days a week  - Click here for hours of operation

Note: Cafeteria closures will only be put in effect during a residence-wide quarantine. A delivery model will be used to continue food services to meal plan students. 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:30pm 

Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, Reading Week: 10:30am to 7:00pm 

What is Being Served in the Residence Dining Hall?

Click here to see what is on the menu in the Residence Dining Hall

Click here to see a sample menu

 How Do I See My Remaining DB Dollars or Purchase a Voluntary Meal Plan?

Apartment and Townhouse Students - Purchase a voluntary meal plan

ALL Students - View remaining DB Dollars balance or add more DB Dollars to your student card

Go to Campus Dish website:

  1. Go to Sign In in the top right-hand corner
  2. Sign up for an Account
  3. Click on drop down beside your name once account is created
  4. Check DB Dollars balance
  5. Purchase Meal Plan or Add DB Dollars
  6. Link card

Aramark will confirm that your account has been activated within 48 hours of your request.


Residence Dining Hall Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are enforced by Management and Resident Assistants. Violations may result in appropriate Disciplinary Actions.

Note:  Provincial Guidelines will dictate the style of service (Dine In, Take Out, or Delivery).  See below for further amendments to service.  Any changes to service or operation will also be posted in the Dining Hall for guests.

  1. Entry requires a valid Meal Plan Card, Conference Card or Cash payment.
  2. Entry is only permitted at the designated door.
  3. Regular Operation requires all students to dine-in only.  (Food cannot be taken 'to-go')
  4. Dining Hall Patrons are required to clear their soiled dishes to the Scraping Station.
  5. Dishes, Cutlery and other items are not to be removed from the Dining Hall.
  6. Your Meal Plan Card is for Your Use Only. It is not transferable.
  7. Due to Ontario Healthy Mean Choices Act, 2015, S.O. 2015 c. 5, Sched. 1, we are required to post nutritional values for all food served, and out staff must serve the assigned portion Seconds are available on a limited basis after consumption of the prior servings. 
  8. Dining Hall Patrons are required to use the provided utensils for self service items in order to prevent contamination. 
  9. Be respectful of your surroundings, your fellow patrons and the service providers. 
  10. Dining Hall Patrons are required to wear appropriate footwear and clothing at all times.
  11. Dining Hall Patrons may fill their own, reasonably sized, water bottle from our beverage selections, excluding juice, milk and chocolate milk.

Covid-19 Protocols (if no indoor seating allowed):
1. The Cafeteria is run as a take-out service only, students may take out food at any time during the Hours of Operation.

2. Mask-wearing, physical distancing and hand hygiene protocols must be followed within the Cafeteria space.  These rules will be sign-posted for reference within the facility.
3. At any time the service style may need to change with escalating governmental or health unit restrictions:  students will be given as much notice as possible when these changes are mandated.
4. The use of personal, reusable food or beverage containers is not allowed at this time (ie. tupperware or travel mugs)

Protocol during Quarantine or Self-Isolation:
During a quarantine or self-isolation, a meal-delivery model will be implemented. This has been arranged with assistance from our Residence Services staff including meal selection and delivery times.  A delivery model with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be arranged to student(s)' rooms.

Withdrawal From Meal Plan

Residence Halls Students - Please contact the Residence Admissions/Accounts Office at with any questions as your meal plan is included as part of your accommodation.

For Voluntary Meal Plan holders, please contact our Food Services Office if you have questions regarding withdrawal from the Meal Plan. Any cancellations will incur an administrative fee at the time of processing.

Unused Declining Balance (DB) Dollars do not roll over into the next year.


LATEST UPDATE From Aramark and Our Food Services Department

JANUARY 2022: 

In response to recent Covid-19 related restrictions across Ontario, our Campus Food Services partners are ready to offer a “take-out” system to serve our staff, faculty and students.  The will change our hours of operation & new service models will be put in place as of Saturday January 8th and will remain in effect until further changes are introduced by the Ontario Government and Public Health. Until further notice, our Main Cafeteria, Subway and MilkTease Food Service Outlets will remain closed. Our Residence Cafeteria, Starbucks, and Dan’s Diner will open with modified hours.

Meals will be delivered to any student required to self-isolate during the Winter 2022 term.  More information will be provided should a student require this service.

As we navigate the uncertain changes through this pandemic, we strive to open our operations with your health and safety at the forefront while balancing our operational limitations. All of our menu and operational decisions are made with the support and assistance of our Residence Life team to ensure our students have a variety of healthy options throughout the year. 

To ensure workplace safety and maintain a safe environment to serve our customers, we are following safety protocols at our locations including temperature checks and daily health screening.

We ask that you follow these criteria:
  • Facial coverings are required in any Food Service Outlet.  
  • Ensure 2 meter distancing at all times.
  • Practice hand-hygiene.  Hand sanitizer is available at all locations.

Modified Hours of Operation: 
Starbucks - Reopening Wednesday January 5th: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
Return to Regular Hours Monday January 24th

Residence Cafeteria - Reopening Saturday, January 8th, regular winter hours: 
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 6pm 
Monday to Thursday: 7:45am - 7:45pm*
Friday: 7:45am - 6pm*

During this “take-out only” time period, the Residence Cafeteria will offer limited items on a retail basis (ie. cash, debit or credit card, DB Dollars) for staff, faculty, non-meal plan students and residence students wishing to make use of their DB dollars. 

*Hours of Operation (Monday - Friday): Hours of operation will be evaluated after reopening and may change depending on customer traffic & students’ eating habits until restrictions are lifted on January 24, 2022.  

Dan’s Diner - Reopening - Friday January 14th to Sunday January 16th:
7pm to 11pm with Take out Service Only
Return to Regular Hours Starting January 26th

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In-Person Meetings are by Appointment Only.  Please ensure you contact us to arrange a meeting in our office in advance.

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Food & Conference Services Office:  Located in Bartley Residence - Kenora / K107. The Bartley Residence is a separate building to the main campus, located on the other side of Lake Tamblyn. If you follow the path towards the Residences, you will find the Bartley Entrance off of the main road leading from campus. Upon entering the building, our Front Desk team can direct you or take a left and sharp right into the carpeted area of the building (you are now in the “Conference Centre”). There is another door on your left-hand side that leads into an office area. Please follow the hallway to K109. 

Christine Costa-Wilson
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