Residence Rights and Responsibilities

The issue of rights and responsibilities is particularly important in Residence. Being placed in a House or, for that matter, in a room with a complete stranger can be a very difficult adjustment in some cases. The establishment of a residence community also involves the question of rights and responsibilities. Uppermost in your mind should be respect for, and responsibility to, the community and its members. You are offered a unique experience in Residence. Take advantage of it.

Your Rights         

You have the right to:

  • A safe and secure residence environment
  • A reasonable peaceful and quiet place in which to study and sleep
  • Reasonable privacy and the proportionate use of your room/living space, both in terms of space and time
  • Choose your means of recreation and relaxation
  • Have the assistance of your Resident Assistant (RA) and other Residence and University Staff when you require help
  • Know what is OK and NOT OK in Residence

Your Responsibilities

You have the responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights of others
  • Keep your room/bedroom door and apartment doors locked, and to:
    • Not give out your long distance authorization code
    • Not prop doors open or let strangers in
  • Keep your stereo and your voice at a reasonable volume, and to remind others that you expect the same from them
  • Let your roommate(s) and others know of your wishes and preferences for hours of sleep, study and visitation
  • Work through any disagreements you may have in a peaceful manner as established by the Guidelines of the Department of Residence and Conference Services
  • Know and abide by the laws of Ontario and Canada, including those pertaining to alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs
  • Notify a staff member of any problem(s) you experience in a timely manner, and to cooperate with him or her as he or she works with you to solve the issue(s)
  • Read the information sent to you by the Department of Residence, especially your:
    • Residence Contract (which you sign) and,
    • The information posted on the Residence website