The Move Out Check List

1. Update Your Mailing Address

Once students leave residence, any mail sent to their residence address will be returned to the sender. To prevent mail returns, students are asked to update their address and contact information with all of their contacts. Example contacts may include: OSAP, credit card companies, subscription companies, employers and any potential employers.

Additionally, students who are graduating or who are not returning to Lakehead are asked to verify their contact address with the Registrar's Office for correspondence.

2. Arrange For After Hours Check-Out

After Hours Check Out is a service for any student who will be departing Residence during non-business hours

All necessary check out paper work is completed ahead of time so that students will only have to deposit their paper work and keys in the Residence Front Desk drop-box when they leave.

To arrange for After Hours Check Out, please bring your keys and student ID to the Residence Front Desk.

3. Housing Contract End Date

  • All students must check out within twenty-four (24) hours after their last exam or by 12 noon Tuesday, April 21, 2020, whichever comes first.

4. Clean your room

Please ensure:

  • All belongings have been removed
  • Any and all items have been cleared from all room doors, windows and walls
  • There is no sticky residue left on room doors, walls or floor(s)
  • Any and all room furniture, structures, drawers and storage areas are empty and clean
  • Rental room fridges have been cleaned and propped open
  • Room trashcan(s) and recycling can(s) are present, emptied and washed out. Please note that extra cleaning supplies and large garbage bags will be available at the Residence Front Desk. All garbage bags should be deposited in the large green industrial garbage bins provided and not left in room. Similarly, all recyclable items should be properly sorted and prepared for collection
  • Any signed out linen is washed, folded and returned to the Residence Front Desk
  • All room lights are turned off (if you are the last one to leave)
  • All room doors and windows are closed, secured and locked. You are responsible for your room until the final inventory is completed so make sure you lock your room door and securely close all windows. If you are the last person leaving an apartment or townhouse, lock the suite door.
  • Residence Operations will assess and assign charges for missing/damaged items and extra cleaning.  For more information please read our Damage Policy.

5. Clean All Ovens and Refrigerators

  • ALL Townhouse and Apartment ovens, oven stove tops and refrigerators must be cleaned prior to departure. If students are unfamiliar with the self cleaning feature of Residence ovens, please see the Residence Front Desk

6. Turn the house heat down to 10C (Townhouses only)

7. Drop Off Spare Clothes and Extra Food

  • A food and clothing drive will be held throughout April - look for the drop off location in your building. Clothing, school supplies, kitchen supplies and cleaning supplies will be accepted for donation to local charities. Please bag all clothing items (bags available at Front Desk).  Non-perishable food items may be dropped off at the Bartley Front Desk.

8. Return Residence Keys and Laundry Card 

All students must return their residence keys and laundry card.  Keys are NOT to be left in the room or with a friend. Each student has signed for their keys and the keys are their responsibility.  

Keys are to be returned as follows:
     Regular Check Out: return keys to the Residence Front Desk 
     After Hours Check Out: put keys in the drop-box at the Bartley Main entrance 

Please note that Residence Administration reserves the right to change any locks to which keys have been lost, not returned, stolen or duplicated