Fee Payment Methods and Payment FAQs

Payment Options

Lakehead University offers the following payment options for residence fees:


  • In person in Residence Accounts Office (Kenora 101 and 102):
    • Payments can be made using debit card or cash.
  • Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft, payable to Lakehead University
    • Include your student ID number on the front of the cheque
    • Please note that returned cheques (NSF) presented to Lakehead University will result in a twenty-seven dollar ($27.00) penalty charge to the student's account. Future payments will be required in cash or certified cheque.
    • Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.
    • Please drop off or mail your cheque, money order or bank draft to:  Residence Accounts/Admissions, Lakehead University Residence, 955 Oliver Road, Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5E1
  • Other payment methods accepted at Lakehead University


Residence Fee Payment FAQs

How do I pay for my Residence if my student loan money is not given to me until September?

When you are negotiating your student loan monies, please make sure to mention that you will be living in Residence. Your Residence fees will be paid directly. In the event that your student loan money does not cover the amount of the required Residence payment, the balance is due immediately.

My Residence fees are being paid for By an Agency/Sponsor, what do I do?

Students whose Residence fees will be paid by an Agency and/or Sponsor must submit a copy of their Letters of Authorization to Invoice by August 17, 2020, to the Residence Accounts & Admissions Office. This information may be submitted by fax to (807) 343-8521 or mailed to the following address:

Residence Accounts & Admissions Office
Lakehead University
955 Oliver Rd.
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 5E1