About our Indigenous Education Programs


Lakehead is a leader in Indigenous Education; we pride ourselves on providing courses and programs that help to teach as well as sustain Algonquian languages.  We offer, in conjunction with the Department of Languages, a wide range of courses and programs that help you to practice and master your Algonquian language skills and learn about their linguistic features.

Our programs focus on Ojibwe (Anishinaabemowin) and Cree (Inin"mowin) languages and their dialects.  Each of our offerings help you to understand an Algonquian language better and have an increased understanding of its social, cultural, and historical significance in Canada and abroad.

Our Indigenous Language Programs

An image of a homemade Instagram image outlining Aboginal EducationOur Indigenous language programs include a two-part specialist’s certificate in Algonquian languages, a minor in an Algonquian language, programs for non-fluent speakers, as well as a children and youth program.  All of our programs equip you with the necessary knowledge, linguistic skills, and cultural appreciation to share an Algonquian language with others.

For information about our Indigenous language programs such as their admission requirements, as well as how to apply, use the following resources: