Research Projects

2020 Proposed

Bullying purposely left out? Canada's amended Labour Code and it's potential impact on Indigenous workers.  O'Loughlin, RA

Mental health @ work: bullying culture or bullying climate? Kristman VL, Pepin R.  

An algorithm for identification of the strongest predictors of Workplace Activity Limitations in older workers, a regression tree analysis. Vafaei A, Gignac M, Kristman VL.

Health and Safety of Women and Men in the Construction Trades, Peters, C, Fenton, S., Kristman, VL & O'Loughlin, RA. 


Current Ongoing

Workplace factors associated with Manitoba WCB compensation outcomes: an Ecologic Study. Kristman VL, Corbiere M, Shaw WS, Harlos K.  

Tradeswomen; potential concerns of bullying, violence and harassment in British Columbia and Alberta. Kristman VL, O'Loughlin, RA. 

Understanding labour force participation, work productivity and disability in the Indigenous context: a partnership with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council  

Bullying and lateral violence in the workplace: experiences from Nokiiwin Tribal Council community members. Kristman VL, O'Louglin, RA, Gilbeau A.

Designing an E-health intervention for Indigenous mental health in the workplace: a partnership with Nokiiwin Tribal Council

Keeping Boomers in the Labour Market - Secondary Data Analyses of sector differences 

InteRAI descriptive analysis 

Supervisor and worker perspectives on workplace accommodations for mental health

A supervisor training program for work disability prevention: a cluster RCT

Concussion Scale Validation Project

Projects with the Superior Mental Wellness@Work Research Group

Workplace, Supervisor, Worker, and Accommodation Factors Associated with Workers' Compensation Outcomes: An Ecologic Study