Research Projects

2019 Proposed

Worker's compensation system influences on the association between workplace factors and compensation outcomes. Kristman VL, Corbiere, M, Shaw WS, Harlos K, Lippel K.

Is mental health stigma in the workplace related to organizational culture, organizational climate, or both? Kristman VL, Sanderson, K, Sawula S, Hunter K, Armstrong S, Knudson M, Lees M, Fraser L. 

Workplace factors associated with Ontario WSIB compensation outcomes: an Ecologic Study. Kristman VL, Corbiere M, Shaw WS, Harlos K.

Effectiveness of a supervisor training program on work-related musculoskeletal disability costs and workers’ self-reported outcomes. Kristman VL, Dewan N, Koné Péfoyo A, Macdonald S, Shaw W.

Bullying and lateral violence in the workplace: experiences from Nokiiwin Tribal Council community members. Kristman VL, Pepin R, Gilbeau A.

Mental health @ work: bullying culture or bullying climate? Kristman VL, Pepin R.

The association between interpersonal skills of insurance case managers and time
loss claim duration: a retrospective analysis. Kristman VL,  Polson KD.

An algorithm for identification of the strongest predictors of Workplace Activity Limitations in older workers, a regression tree analysis. Vafaei A, Gignac M, Kristman VL.


Current Ongoing

Understanding labour force participation, work productivity and disability in the Indigenous context: a partnership with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council  

Designing an E-health intervention for Indigenous mental health in the workplace: a partnership with Nokiiwin Tribal Council

Keeping Boomers in the Labour Market - Secondary Data Analyses of sector differences 

InteRAI descriptive analysis 

Supervisor and worker perspectives on workplace accommodations for mental health

A supervisor training program for work disability prevention: a cluster RCT

Concussion Scale Validation Project

Projects with the Superior Mental Wellness@Work Research Group

Workplace, Supervisor, Worker, and Accommodation Factors Associated with Workers' Compensation Outcomes: An Ecologic Study