Current Research

Driving Cessation Study

This ongoing study seeks to investigate the relationships between driving cessation and health related outcomes in a large sample of older Canadians. By identifying factors that promote health among older adults after driving retirement, the results of this study will be used to develop interventions and policies to facilitate a health transition to non-driving.

Diabetes Toolkit for Healthcare Providers

Utilizing information gleaned from a literature review and focus groups, we are working to develop a toolkit for healthcare professionals about senior drivers with diabetes. This toolkit will ensure that physicians and other healthcare providers are providing evidence-informed information to their patients.

Utilizing the Fatality Analyses Reporting System to Explore Associations

vehicle crash     NHTSA logo

Sacha Dubois has worked extensively with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations' Fatality Analyses Reporting System (FARS) exploring such topics as the impact of medications on safe driving, the safety of 15-passenger vans, situational factors impacting driver/passenger relationships, and exploring the validity of various crash culpability analyses. Some recent studies utilizing data from FARS include:

  • Examining the role of body mass index and age on crash fatalities (which was presented at the AUTO21 conference in May 2015)
  • Impairment, motorcycles, and crash responsibility
  • Fatal-crashes involving cyclists: crash-, cyclist-, and driver-related factors associated with crash responsibility