Attention Network Test (CRSD-ANT)

The Attention Network Test (ANT) was developed by Jin Fan and Michael Posner.  More information about it can be obtained from Fan's website. In 2009, we published an article introducing the ANT to researchers and clinicians with an interest in driving. At that time, we were using the Java version of the ANT, downloaded free of charge from Fan's website. But it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, which is too long for our purposes. Therefore, we developed a shorter version of the ANT, called the CRSD-ANT. It was programmed by Luke Docksteader and Kris Scott, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. We carried out a study to see how well various measures from the 10-minute CRSD-ANT correlate with the corresponding measures from Fan & Posner's java ANT, which takes about 20 minutes to complete.  The article reporting those results can be downloaded here. Anyone interested in trying the CRSD-ANT can download it (free of charge) below.

STISIM Programming Tool

An Excel workbook designed to help the user generate scenario definition code for the STISIM driving simulator.  For more information, see the "Instructions" worksheet.