Graduate Payment Deferral Form

All Tuition and Compulsory fees are due in accordance with the published Payment Due Dates

If you are eligible to defer payment to a later date as a result of confirmed funding, you must submit this form PRIOR TO: August 15 (Fall), December 15 (Winter), and/or May 1 (Spring-Summer)

You are eligible to defer payment for the following reason(s):

a) You are confirming that your GA will pay* your Tuition & Compulsory Fees
b) You are confirming that Scholarships, Awards, and/or Bursaries will pay your Tuition & Compulsory Fees
c) You are receiving OSAP (or other Federal, Provincial, or Territorial Funding) to pay your Tuition & Compulsory Fees
d) You have a combination of funding from all of the above sources to pay your Tuition & Compulsory Fees

*You will not need to use your GA at all if your fees are fully covered by sources b) or c)

You DO NOT need to use this form if you intend to pay your fees in full from your own resources. Instead, submit your payment by the published Payment Due Dates. Please visit Paying Student Fees for a list of payment methods.

1) If you have non-Ontario Student Aid (i.e. Other Federal, Provincial, or Territorial Funding) you must also send a Notice of Assessment to prior to the due date to defer your Tuition payments

 2) If you are Sponsored by a Third Party (i.e. an Indigenous Band, Sport Association, etc.) do not use this form. Instead, please submit a Sponsorship letter to prior to the Payment Due Dates.

If you answered 'Yes' to the above, what is the total amount of Scholarships, Awards, or Bursaries (DO NOT include GA amount) that you have been offered:
If you answered YES to the above (OSAP, Federal, Provincial, Territorial Student Aid), what is the total amount?