Indigenous Language Summer Institute


During each summer session offered during the month of July, we offer advanced Indigenous language and/or linguistic courses. These courses allow you to enhance your knowledge and language skills.  These courses are referred to as NALA courses (Native as a Second Language).  

Course Information

Our Indigenous Language Summer Institute includes ten courses.  Each July we offer two courses on a rotation system from the following:

  • Introduction to  Native American Linguistics (NALA 2711)
  • Algonquin Linguistics (NALA 2713)
  • Translation (NALA 3251)
  • Literature: Oral Tradition (NALA 3511)
  • Composition (NALA 3531)
  • Literature (NALA 3551)
  • Native American Applied Linguistics (NALA 3711)
  • Linguistics (NALA 3751)
  • Special Topic I (NALA 3811)
  • Special Topic II (NALA 3813)

For more information about our Indigenous Language Summer Institute courses, please see our ILIP Calendar entry.

Admission Requirements

To enroll in our Indigenous Language Summer Institute courses, you must meet the following requirements:

Note: Many of our summer session courses include specific prerequisites. To ensure that you meet the specific requirements, please see our NLIP Calendar entry

To apply, please contact us directly at 

Program Fees

Please use the following resources to learn about tuition and University fees: