About our Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program

The Joint-PHD program, 3 programs hundreds of graduates, maximum flexibility

Our joint PhD in Educational Studies is a unique learning experience that combines the passion, expertise, and resources of Lakehead University, Brock University, and the University of Windsor. By collaborating with both Brock and Windsor, our Joint PhD program accesses expertise in many fields.

Our Joint PhD program includes three fields of study: (a) Cognition and Learning; (b) Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; and (c) Social/ Cultural/ Political Contexts of Education, which work to guide your doctoral coursework and research. Each field is unique and gives you the chance to perform research that is important to you.

Once you complete our PhD program, you will receive your Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies and have the opportunity to inform as well as be a leader in educational decisions, knowledge, and policy.

For more information about our Joint PhD program, its requirements, and how to apply, use the following resources: