The Strengths Assessment Inventory

The researchers at the Centre have developed a 124 item strengths-based assessment tool, the Strength Assessment Inventory (SAI), which measures youth strengths in 11 domains of their everyday life, including school, home, leisure activities, friendship and self-identity.

A French language version of the SAI has also been created. 

Examples of organizations that have recently used the SAI include the Creighton Youth Services Centre, Youth Now Intervention Services (Ottawa), the Children's Centre of Thunder Bay and in schools across the region. These organizations are using the SAI to measure youth strengths and build strength-based programming to supplement current interventions

The SAI is one of the few measures of strengths available in Canada and has many clinical advantages including the capacity to quantitatively measure concrete areas of strengths in domains of everyday living.

Research projects being conducted through the Centre, such as Strengths-in-Motion and Strengths Investigation and Self-Understanding, also employ the SAI as a measure of youth strengths and outcome evaluations. Additional research using the SAI is being conducted by other universities such as the University of Ottawa and York University.


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