"I have been involved with the Center for Excellence since May 2011. The Center has allowed me to conduct research in my interest areas that include – the strengths-based approach, resiliency, youth, and substance use. I was involved with the systematic review entitled, A systematic review of strengths and resilience outcome literature relevant to children and adolescents, submitted to the Journal of Child and Family Studies. Further, I was also involved with a qualitative analysis conducted to look at a youth’s perspective in a strength-based substance use treatment center. We may also continue this work to look at how a strength-based approach can benefit and/or facilitate the group therapy process in a youth treatment program. The Center has allowed me to expand my research opportunities through the involvement in the above manuscripts and I have made many valuable connections with fellow researchers."

- Ashley Clarkson, H.B.S.W, M.S.W Candidate

"I enjoyed working with the Centre of Excellence while completing my Master of Social Work research project. The purpose of my research was to empirically establish the psychometric properties of the Strength Assessment Inventory-Post Secondary version including validity and reliability. The staff at the Centre were extremely helpful and professional which made the project even more enjoyable! It was a great experience and I would recommend other students to take the opportunity to be under the guidance of the Center when conducting their research."

- Linda Gluck, MSW, RSW

"Dr. Rawana's presentation was amazing! Clear and articulate, very well done. I enjoyed it very much and would definitely attend again to see him as a keynote speaker!"

- member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers