Thank You | Fall 2020

COVID-19 Student Relief Fund

A student making a heart with her hands over a geometric background

Thank you! To the Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Governors and Friends who supported the COVID-19 Student Relief Fund at Lakehead University.

Your donation has meant everything to the over 750 students who have been assisted. Nearly $99,000 has been raised so far through your generous donations, and that combined with significant additional financial support from Lakehead University, resulted in an average of $500 per student for much needed emergency financial aid.

Student Testimonials:

In my final year of school on the verge of graduating and starting my nursing career, I faced unimaginable hardship as my financial stability crumbled amidst the COVID-19 crisis. With only $100 available to me, no available credit, and no financial or housing support, I found myself in a terrifying situation. I was unable to pay for food for myself, my pets, to pay for essential medications, and unable to pay for rent. I was facing possible eviction when I was just a couple months away from reaching my goal of becoming a nurse.

This fund saved my life. It helped me stay afloat long enough to start my nursing career.

To everyone who helped me, I'm eternally grateful and am in tears by the amount of kindness and caregiving you have shown me. You helped me stay afloat during this disaster and to reach a point where I am now able realize my dreams. I am now able to support myself and care for others as a nurse.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Nursing student

I am grateful for your kind hearts as we are in an unprecedented time. I appreciate the employees of Lakehead, alumni members and the Board of Governors. Your contribution goes a long way in helping me and my family through a very hard time. I am currently doing my Master of Education with a portfolio route. I am focusing on this right now as I have been dealing with being the head of the household and needing to get simple things for the house to keep us safe. Thank you so much for your help again. You mean so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


- Education student

Thank you to all donors for helping us out. In the future, I wish to be a donor like you who can help students in need. This fund helped me get through a few harsh months without which the situation would have been bad and I might still be recovering from it.

Once again, thank you so much.

- Engineering student


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