BA/BEd (Indigenous Learning Major) I/S


We originally created the Indigenous Teacher Education Program (ITEP), previously known as NTEP, to help increase the number of qualified Indigenous teachers in Ontario. These are innovative programs, which prepare you to meet the educational needs of Indigenous communities, while addressing elements of Indigenous heritage, identity, and language.

This is an important program because teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of Indigenous traditions, practices, and languages are best able to meet the needs and interests of Indigenous learners

Our BA/BEd Program

The BA/BEd, Indigenous Learning Major, I/S prepares future teachers to teach at the Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7 - 12) level. You will have to choose appropriate teachable subjects at the I/S level.

For more information about the different teaching divisions, as well as their corresponding teachables, please see the Ontario College of Teacher's Teaching Divisions page and our Teachable Subjects page.

The BA/BEd program allows you to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree while concurrently working toward your Bachelor of Education degree. Program information can be found at

To find out more information about the program such as its requirements, fees and funding, as well as how to apply, go to the program information page.

The Department of Aboriginal Education also offers a Certificate for students in the Faculty's other Concurrent programs, who would like additional preparation to teach indigenous students: