Ingenuity Ascend Cohort 2022

Gaze Guitar

Zakary Williams

Gaze Guitar is a software development company that is working on the creation of a virtual musical instrument to allow those with physical disabilities the ability to create and play music. The system is geared towards youth and developed using eye tracking technology to enable the user to experience and enjoy music in a new and innovative way that would otherwise be inaccessible. 


Maxwell Robinson 

Infusionist is a paid iPhone and Apple Watch application made for nurses and care personnel to efficiently track and manage infusions, care task reminders, and customizable timers. These features work synergistically to assist the nurse in the hectic care environment through smart and dynamic notifications to your iPhone and Apple Watch to warn you when a task may be due, a medication handout is timed, or a bag is running low. Infusions and tasks can be grouped and assigned to room numbers to ensure patient confidentiality while also providing detailed notifications of who tasks are for. Infusionist aims to act as a shift planner for the nurse to achieve efficient, safe, and timely care.

Portal North

Gavin Shields and Derek Patterson

Portal North is a marketing and storytelling media company that specializes in developing 360° virtual tours that allow their clients to showcase a variety of interior/exterior environments. Portal North clients are able to embed content including video, images, audio, text, and links within 360° environments to improve user experiences when viewing their online content. 


Esther Ukiomogbe

A26 will be providing beauty services, starting with lash extensions and selling lash care products. A26 provides lash services specifically curated as a safe space for all women especially women of colour. The ideology behind A26 is to enjoy and experience amazing energy and good vibes by a professional lash tech whose job is to listen, and ensure the clients are leaving the space feeling better than when they entered. 

Silver Vantage Software

Christopher Silver

Silver Vantage Software is currently developing a fall and fever detection system using thermal sensor technology. The product is targeted for the aging and elderly population and is installed in the client’s home or a long term care home and all notifications will go through a mobile app. The long term goals for Silver Vantage Software is to extract analytics from the thermal technology to extend the application of this system past fever and falls.