About YOCA

Background on YOCA

The idea for YOCA was born from the Lakehead University Sustainability Stewardship Council (LUSSC). Their Climate Action Working Group is committed to considering how Lakehead University can be a leader in cultivating and taking climate action. 

Our Year of Climate Action requires just that, action. As a first step, the Climate Action Working Group will work toward the following concrete climate actions that were identified by LUSSC members: 

  1. Installing EV charging stations on both campuses
  2. Providing Faculty training on climate change
  3. Increasing the visibility of the Thunder Bay campus solar panels
  4. Creating internal research awards for research on climate change

From September 2021 to June 2022, Lakehead University invites you and/or your unit to contribute to YOCA.  We envision diverse contributions, everything from events, to art, workshops, panel discussions, and concrete climate action...and beyond. 

YOCA Governance

The Office of Sustainability and a Coordinating Committee will coordinate the YOCA. The Coordinating Committee consists of faculty, staff, students, and LUSU. While the Coordinating Committee is responsible for organizing and communicating YOCA broadly, Departments, Offices, and individuals at Lakehead will create their own initiatives to connect with and support YOCA. Departments, Offices, and individuals are invited to nominate a YOCA liaison who will be their primary contact. Additionally, the Sustainability Stewardship Council and the Sustainability Executive Advisory Committee will be invited to assist with planning and organizing as needed.

The Office of Sustainability and the Coordinating Committee will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating YOCA, including liaising with the Chief of Staff
  • Organizing and implementing events to launch and conclude YOCA
  • Promoting and communicating YOCA broadly speaking
  • Fielding questions and providing guidance on YOCA
  • Working with YOCA liaisons  
  • Working towards the four specific climate actions identified by LUSSC

Departments, Offices, and individuals are invited to participate and support YOCA in ways that connect to their interests, strengths, and areas of expertise. 

From January - February 2021, the Sustainability Coordinator consulted with the Deans’ Council, Vice Provost Council, Provost Council, LUSU, Physical Plant, Orillia Sustainability Working Group, and other stakeholders to gauge interest in YOCA and invite them to imagine how they may wish to participate. These visits issued generative discussions, excitement, and endless ideas.

While the Office of Sustainability and YOCA Coordinating Committee will launch and conclude YOCA, we expect that Departments, Faculties, Offices, and individuals who volunteer to participate will take the lead on their initiatives. Departments, Faculties, Offices, and individuals that submit ideas are responsible for organizing, coordinating, and (if needed) budgeting for these events.

Coordinating Committee Membership

  • Shadiya Aidid
  • Chris Armiento
  • Petri Bailey
  • Paul Berger
  • Brigitte Champaigne-Klassen
  • Adam Cornwell
  • Ellen Field
  • Lindsay Galway
  • Ledah McKellar
  • Lahama Naeem
  • Jerri Lynn Orr
  • Spencer Ranta
  • Camryn Salo
  • Manoj Shanake 

If you are interested in participating, please visit Get Involved