Lakehead MBA. Online. Part-time. While you work. While you live.

Why choose Lakehead University for your Part-Time MBA?

You know that you’ll be getting a degree from an AACSB accredited university with a strong reputation, but what makes the Lakehead MBA the right choice for you? The Lakehead Part-Time MBA strikes a fine balance between convenience and quality. The structure of the program ensures that students stay on-track, with synchronous components and deadlines that provide enough motivation while also allowing participants to balance their work and family lives. It does not require you to take regular time off work and won’t monopolize your weekends with classes. 

Online lectures, breakout sessions and group work within the Lakehead MBA allow students to interact and participate in the networking component that remains a critical part of the MBA experience. The Lakehead MBA is available to students from all backgrounds with anywhere from 30 years of work experience, to none. We believe a diverse student body makes for rich discussions and a better experience for everyone.

Please review the FAQ section at the bottom of the page for more information about the program.

Lakehead is AACSB-Accredited

Our faculty is among the ranks of elite business schools that have achieved certification by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

AACSB Lakehead

This globally-recognized hallmark of excellence guarantees a challenging and relevant curriculum delivered by the most highly-qualified faculty. Fewer than 6% of business programs worldwide are AACSB-accredited, and Lakehead University's Faculty of Business Administration is one of them.


Amy Kembel Lakehead MBA Testimonial

"As a full time manager, parent and community volunteer, convenience is important to me. Completing the Lakehead MBA virtually has been a game changer. My relationships with classmates, while virtual, have been rich. I have connected socially with many classmates from all over the world. The quality of these relationships has been an unexpected benefit of this program."

Amy Kembel
Manager, Human Resources & Safety, Synergy North
Current Part-Time MBA Student

James Adegboye Lakehead MBA Testimonial

"Being able to log in and interact with my fellow students and lecturer in the comfort of my home has made studies very interesting and reduced my stress level. I would recommend this program for my equally “busy at work” colleagues and friends."

James Adegboye
Safety Management System Coordinator, Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Current Part-Time MBA Student

Daniel Del Paggio Lakehead MBA Testimonial

"I have enjoyed the experience thus far as it has given me the opportunity to collaborate efficiently with local and international classmates and instructors. The flexible learning experience provided has been imperative to my success both academically and professionally."

Daniel Del Paggio
Commercial Account Manager, RBC
Current Part-Time MBA Student

Amanda Gerow Lakehead MBA Testimonial

"Every spare moment counts when you are juggling a young family, a full-time career, and school commitments simultaneously. The convenience of an online, part-time MBA program at Lakehead was absolutely the key to success in managing it all. Overall, this has been a rewarding experience."

Amanda Gerow
Performance Improvement Consultant, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Recent Part-Time MBA Graduate


How long does it take?

The Part-time MBA takes a total of 3 years to complete.

When are Classes?

Students generally take 5 courses per year between the fall, winter and spring/summer semesters. Courses take place at 7pm ET in the fall and winter semesters and 6pm or 7pm ET in the spring and summer months. Completion of the capstone project does not have a regularly scheduled class, but may require you to schedule an occasional meeting during the day.

What format will the classes take place in?

The majority of classes will take place virtually over Zoom. Some classes may also have a blended, hybrid format, with some students joining in-person and some joining online. Some classes may have an asynchronous component to them if appropriate, but this is not a fully asynchronous program. If you're looking for a program that you can do entirely at your own pace through correspondence, the Lakehead Online MBA might not be the best fit for you. 

Do I need to write the GMAT?

Quite likely. While the GMAT is a requirement for all students, some working professionals who performed exceptionally well during their Undergraduate studies at a recognized Canadian University may be considered for a waiver. Other students with a previously completed master’s degree and/or CPA/CFA/CMA designation will also be considered for a waiver.

Do I need an undergraduate degree in order to apply?

Yes. You must have a 4-year honours degree in order to be eligible for admission.

Do I need to travel to Thunder Bay?

We recognize that it can be extremely disruptive to our part-time students’ work and personal lives to need to travel and spend their vacation time in Thunder Bay. We do not require you to travel to Thunder Bay, but there are a few times during the program that we will highly recommend you make the trip and stay for a night or two if you are able to (mainly, orientation and Capstone Project).

How much does it cost? Can I be funded?

The Lakehead MBA is competitively priced in the MBA market. The total program tuition for a domestic student is $18,558, paid over 3 years at about $2,062 per semester plus ancillary fees (roughly $175). Full breakdown of the tuition fees can be found here, including international student fees. Unfortunately, part-time students are not eligible for any funding. 

Can I attend in-person classes?

While full-time classes will remain in-person, most part-time courses will be scheduled online. Exceptions can be made for local students wanting to attend classes in person who are able to flex their work schedules around daytime classes. There may also be hybrid classes in which the option to participate online or in-person are available.