Ötzi the iceman

Ötzi the iceman is a frozen man who died around 5,300 years ago and was buried under snow and ice in the Northern Italian Alps. He was discovered in the Tisenjoch on the 19th of September 1991 by hikers. He remains have become one of the most widely studied archaeological humans ever discovered.

He was found with numerous artefacts including a bow; quiver containing tree-bast string, sinews, antler tools and arrows; a copper axe; a flint knife with handle and sheath; a pouch containing clumps of tinder fungus, flint and bone tools; a retoucher; a possible net; two Birch bark container; a marble disc with strips of leather; two Birch polypores on a leather thong and a possible backpack.

Dr Carney Matheson is analysing the associated tools and artefacts of Ötzi the iceman to try to gain more insight into who he was, what he was doing in the high alpine pass and more details about his life.


This research has been funded by Lakehead University and the Institute for Italian Studies Lakehead University.