Completed Theses, Portfolios, and Dissertations

The following are some of the theses, portfolios, and dissertations that I have supervised:

Master's Theses

So, J. (2014).The impact of the teacher’s questions on the learning of part-whole relations and a benchmark model in fractions. MEd, Lakehead University.

Wark, H. (2014). Constructing unitizing: The critical strategies and models that build this essential mathematical concept, MEd, Lakehead University

Girardin, S. (2012). The role of co-construction of the clock model in the development of fractional understanding in a Grade 4/5 classroom. MEd. Lakehead University.

Garrett, S. (2010). Reform mathematics teaching and how it helps students understand the concept of area. MEd. Lakehead University.

Latt, W. (2007). Pre-service teachers’ conceptual understanding of perimeter, area and volume. MEd. Lakehead University.

Pelletier, D. (2007) Factors Influencing Women’s Participating in Mathematical Discipline. MEd, Lakehead University.

Doctoral Dissertations

Stienstra, W. (2013) Developing Understanding: Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Changing Conceptions of Mathematics. PhD Lakehead University.