Smart contact tracing

[ Demo video of the application prototype is available on:]

ICT-based awareness, preparedness, and contact tracing helped only a few Asian countries efficiently contain the spread of COVID-19. Existing contact tracing models include cell tower-based location tracking, CCTV-based movement tracking using image recognition, and Bluetooth-based proximity alerts. However, they are not compliant with the national policy of North and South American countries such as Canada, Brazil, USA, and so forth.

Therefore, a new contact tracing model is essential that does not explicitly pull user data from cell phone operators or CCTV footage and compromise the patients’ privacy.

For this purpose, in this project, we develop a mobile application framework with four modules: ❶ questionnaire module, ❷ GPS location information module, ❸ gesture AI based check to detect home isolation/physical distance violation event, and ❹ share these encrypted information with remote servers using Private Information Retrieval (PIR) module.

Current Developer: Sadman Sakib, graduate student, smart communications laboratory at LU/TBRHRI.

The screenshots are available in Sadman's github: