Recent Research Topics of Lab Members

R. Mckay, H.B.A. thesis. Investigating the influence of resting heart rate variability on self-report anxiety during a body comparison. 2019-present.

A. Payette, H.B.A. thesis. An investigation of spontaneous eye blink rate as a behavioural biomarker of state and trait impulsivity. 2019-present.

Chong, S, Ph.D. dissertation.  Susceptibility to emotional contagion among pathological narcissists.  2016-present.

B. Mascioli, Ph.D. dissertation. Gratitude, cognitive control, and intertemporal decision making.  Lakehead University, 2017-present.

L. McGeown, Ph.D. dissertation. Can heart rate variability predict and mitigate disinhibited eating among restrained eaters? Lakehead University, 2017-present.

M. Clark, H.B.Sc. thesis. Spontaneous eye blink rate as a moderator of the relation between food consumption and a laboratory stressor, 2018-2019.

L. Kushnier, H.B.A. thesis. Investigation of mate value as a mediator of the facial feedback hypothesis, 2018-2019.

J. Moore, H.B.Sc. thesis. Manipulation of chip consumption through handgrip exercise.  Lakehead University, 2017-2018.

R. Kushnier, M.A. thesis. Physical attractiveness mediates the relationship between resting heart rate variability and mate value. Lakehead University, 2016-2018.

G. Coccimiglio, H.B.Sc. thesis. Examining the relationships between disordered eating, cognitive bias, and cardiac reactivity under food exposure.  Lakehead University, 2016-2017.

B. Mascioli, M.A. thesis. Is orthorexia a security motivated eating behaviour? An examination through cognitive bias and cardiac reactivity to food.  Lakehead University, 2015-2017.

L. McGeown, M.A. thesis. Social modeling of eating and the mirror neuron system: The role of neurological mechanisms in predicting susceptibility to modeling. Lakehead University, 2015-2017.

L. Bailey. Ph.D. dissertation. Emotion regulation mediates the relationship between HRV reactivity and relationship success. Lakehead University, 2013-2017.

S. Chong. M.A. thesis. Cortical reactivity and attentional bias during a body image exposure.  Lakehead University, 2014-2016.

D. Ransom.  Ph.D. dissertation. A randomized comparative trial of self-affirmation and psychoeducation interventions for improving body image in young women. Lakehead University, 2011-2016.

D. Shin, H.B.A. thesis. Influence of body image on valence of social comparison: moderation by pathological narcissism.  Lakehead University, 2015-2016.

R. Kushnier, H.B.A. thesis. Mate value discrepancy moderates the link between agreeableness and relationship formation.  Lakehead University, 2015-2016.

H. Gardiner. H.B.A. thesis. Hedonics of a taste test mediate the impact of trait craving on chocolate consumption at higher resting frontal EEG activity: Results of a moderated mediation approach. Lakehead University, 2014-2015.

E. Roldan, Ph.D. dissertation.  Can heart rate variability biofeedback serve to mitigate the negative consequences of a social comparison challenge? Lakehead University, 2008-2015.

L. Gomes. Ph.D. dissertation. Examination of pathways by which parental attachment and secondary attachment strategies predict disordered eating attitudes and behaviours. Lakehead University, 2005-2015.