Research opportunities for new graduate learners:

  • My laboratory has an opening in September 2019 for one incoming Psychology graduate learner(s) for thesis supervision.

Research opportunities for undergraduate learners:

  • Opening in September 2019 for one or two 4th year Psychology undergraduate learners to undertake the Psychology 4901 thesis (filled by M. Clark and L. Kushnier for the current 2018-19 academic year).
  • Opening in September 2018 and/or January 2019 for one or two undergraduate learners for a Psychology 2917 or 2937 Research Opportunities course. Learners pair up with a senior learner(s) in the lab to acquire hands-on experience with an ongoing psychological science projects(s). This involves 72 hours of lab work leading to experiences in most aspects of research: consideration of theoretical underpinnings, ethical issues and formulation of hypotheses; project conceptualization and design; anticipated outcomes; running participants in the protocols, data collection, management and analyses. Learners attend regular Friday 4 pm lab meetings throughout the semester, keep a log of research activities, and make two presentations to the lab group regarding a tentative undergraduate thesis research proposal. This helps prepare students for the Psychology 4901 thesis course. This Research Opportunities course may take place in the fall, winter, or a combination thereof (negotiable).

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please send me an email at ron.davis@lakeheadu.ca briefly outlining your interests and an unofficial transcript of your grades. Subsequent meetings to discuss your interests can then be arranged.