Why was Lakehead the right university for you?
Lakehead has allowed me to tailor my education to my family and our well being.  As I work towards my undergraduate degree, Lakehead faculty and professors have provided me with the flexibility to allow me to work full time, care for my son and my elderly mother all the while pursing my degree in sociology.

I am especially connected to the natural environment as the campus is beautiful with plenty of green space and wildlife.  Regardless of how long the classes are I know the outdoors are only a step away.  The class sizes are small, providing me a connection to my professors and the staff.

What is the best study spot on campus?

I love all the little out-of-the-way places that have a beautiful view like the hallway to the Faculty Lounge that looks out on Lake Tamblyn. It’s a great place to study, but also a great spot to just relax and have a moment to yourself.

What do you like most about studying at Lakehead?

I love the amazing staff and professors that I have met during my time at Lakehead.   My profs have all been great and have all challenged my critical thinking skills.

Why do you enjoy working at Lakehead University?

I love working at Lakehead because it has allowed me to meet and work with some really wonderful students and staff. I have had the opportunity to learn about some remarkable research that is happening here on campus and it has inspired me to make the decision to take my studies at Lakehead to the next level.

Any advice for upcoming Lakehead students?

I think the biggest piece of advice I can give is to get involved not only in your classes/department but in all the great activities and clubs Lakehead has to offer...Challenge yourself!