Anita Chen

Professor Emeritus

Academic Qualifications: 

A.B. cum laude (Sociology) U of the Philippines, 1954

M. A. (Sociology) U of the Philippines, 1957

Ph.D. (Sociology) U of Chicago, 1962

Date joined Lakehead: 
September, 1964 [founding member of Department]
Previous Teaching/Work: 

Graduate Assistant to Instructor, Sociology, U of the Philippines, 1954-63 (On Leave, 1957-62)

Lecturer to Professor, Sociology, Lakehead, 1964-96

TEACHING AREAS: Sociology of Medicine, Aging, Ethnicity, Migration

Research Interests: 


Filipinos in Canada, Filipino Elderly in Canada, Recruitment to Nursing, Asian and Southeast Asian Elderly Refugees and immigrants in Canada



1957 - '62. Fulbright Grantee

2008 ,Dec, 5. "Champion" Award, by (CERAH) Lakehead. "a pioneer in the field of Gerontology", "was instrumental in the creation of what is now the Center for Education and Research in Aging and Health"

2005, November. Northern Light Award," Founding Chair of the Department of Sociology And Anthropology & subsequently of the Department of Sociology. Developed new courses in Sociology and was involved in shaping the Interdisciplinary Master's Program in Gerontology", on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Lakehead.

1998, Dec. 11 "Pamana Ng Filipino Award", (conferred by the Philippine President in Malacanang Palace, Manila, on Filipino Overseas who have consistently pursued their work or profession with excellence and distinction.) "for her pioneering achievements within the academic community of Canada and for her significant research undertakings which she has effectively used for the promotion of public awareness and understanding of the character of Filipino migration to Canada".




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