Research Grants

My research is wide-ranging, but generally deals with political, economic, and social issues relating to northern and remote communities in Ontario and the circumpolar north. Most of these projects typically involve community partnerships and tend to be transnational in nature. See my Publications and Film & Media pages for how the resulting research has been mobilized. Major externally funded peer-reviewed projects have included, but are not limited to, the following:

Date AwardedAgency/ProgramAmountTitleRole
2019SSHRC Partnership Grant LOI$20,000"Social Innovation for Sustainability in Arctic Resources Development (SISARD)"Co-Applicant
2015SSHRC Insight Development Grant$74,000"What's Bred in the Bone: Developing a Historical Understanding of Past Resource and Sustainable Community Development"Principal Investigator
2014SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$90,000“Lakehead University Centre for Research on Sustainable Development"Co-Applicant
2012SSHRC Public Outreach Program$72,600“‘Hard Work Conquers All’: Mobilizing Knowledge about the Finnish Experience in Canada”Principal Investigator
2012SSHRC Partnership Grant$1,964,996“Sustainability and Education Policy Network”Collaborator
2011SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiatives (MCRI)$2.5 million“Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic”Co-Applicant
2011SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$90,000“For the Establishment of a Centre for Environmental Sustainability, and Place Studies”Co-Applicant
2011SSHRC Partnership Grant LOI$20,000“Sustainability and Education Policy Network”Collaborator
2010SSHRC MCRI LOI$20,000“Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic”Co-Applicant
2010Association of University and Colleges of Canada and International Development Research Centre - Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange$25,000“The Social Impact of Pulp Mills and Changing Economies in Ontario and Uruguay”Co-Applicant
2009SSHRC Standard Research Grant$45,000“A Wobbly History: An Exploration of Immigrant Communities and the Industrial Workers of the World in Canada, 1905-1960”Principal Investigator
2009SSHRC Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity RDI$77,140“Northern Communities in a Changing World: Towards a Better Understanding of Global Competition”Co-Applicant
2009SSHRC Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity RDI$36,000“Photovoice and Photo-History: Visualizing Climate Change from the Mocreebec Perspective”Co-Applicant
2008SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$81,500“For the Establishment of an Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture”Co-Applicant