Major Grants

Major externally funded peer-reviewed projects have included, but are not limited to, the following:

Date AwardedAgency/ProgramAmountTitleRole
2019SSHRC Partnership Grant LOI$20,000"Social Innovation for Sustainability in Arctic Resources Development (SISARD)"Co-Applicant
2015SSHRC Insight Development Grant$74,000"What's Bred in the Bone: Developing a Historical Understanding of Past Resource and Sustainable Community Development"Principal Investigator
2015ONACT New Pathways - Degree to Diploma$88,000"Diploma/Degree Pathway: Lakehead History Degrees - Phase 2"Principal Investigator
2014SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$90,000“Lakehead University Centre for Research on Sustainable Development"Co-Applicant
2014ONACT New Pathways - Degree to Diploma$25,000"Diploma/Degree Pathway: Lakehead History Degrees - Phase 1"Principal Investigator
2012SSHRC Public Outreach Program$72,600“‘Hard Work Conquers All’: Mobilizing Knowledge about the Finnish Experience in Canada”Principal Investigator
2012SSHRC Partnership Grant$1,964,996“Sustainability and Education Policy Network”Collaborator
2011SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiatives (MCRI)$2.5 million“Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic”Co-Applicant
2011SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$90,000“For the Establishment of a Centre for Environmental Sustainability, and Place Studies”Co-Applicant
2011SSHRC Partnership Grant LOI$20,000“Sustainability and Education Policy Network”Collaborator
2010SSHRC MCRI LOI$20,000“Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic”Co-Applicant
2010Association of University and Colleges of Canada and International Development Research Centre - Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange$25,000“The Social Impact of Pulp Mills and Changing Economies in Ontario and Uruguay”Co-Applicant
2009SSHRC Standard Research Grant$45,000“A Wobbly History: An Exploration of Immigrant Communities and the Industrial Workers of the World in Canada, 1905-1960”Principal Investigator
2009SSHRC Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity RDI$77,140“Northern Communities in a Changing World: Towards a Better Understanding of Global Competition”Co-Applicant
2009SSHRC Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity RDI$36,000“Photovoice and Photo-History: Visualizing Climate Change from the Mocreebec Perspective”Co-Applicant
2008SSHRC Aid to Small Universities Grant$81,500“For the Establishment of an Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture”Co-Applicant