Lakehead University is excited to announce that it has partnered with RBC and Riipen - North America’s largest experiential learning platform and marketplace dedicated to helping connect students with industry and community partners to complete short-term class projects, virtual internships, and co-operative education opportunities.

Through Riipen, instructors will have access to a network of over 10,000 businesses and non-profits globally to design classroom experiences that help students develop valuable job-ready skills through project-based learning opportunities.  

Riipen is available for all faculty, in all disciplines, working with all levels of students, in-class, online experiences, and remote internships. Riipen offers end-to-end support, including course project ideation and design, technical support and student onboarding, and matchmaking with industry partners globally.

Using the robust and easy-to-use tools within the Riipen platform, it's easy to create, manage, and report on experiential learning opportunities. 

To learn more, information sessions are held weekly on Thursdays at 1:00 pm EST.   

This initiative is supported by the RBC Future Launch program.

By using Riipen, you are agreeing to their terms of service and related policies.